Wine vs Beer

Advantages Of Beer Over Wine Below are some of the main benefits that drinking beer might confer to an already healthy individual: Eases anxiety: The hops used to manufacture beer have been found to help with alleviating symptoms of anxiety including insomnia and restlessness. Beer is packed with nutritious ingredients that are beneficial to the functioning of […]

Top spirits from the IWSC 2022

From peppery rye whiskey from Indiana and sloe gin from Estonia to top-notch Shochu and single malt Scotch – these are the best spirits from around the world according to the IWSC 2022 WORDS BY IWSC JUDGES29 APRIL 2022 Time to restock your home drink collection? The IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition) has just named the top […]

15 Biggest Liquor Companies in the World

One of the beverages that make up the alcoholic drinks market is liquor. Also known as spirits, liquor is an alcoholic beverage obtained from fermenting and distilling plants, fruits, or grains to produce whiskey, brandy, gin, tequila, tequila, and rum. In a year, the world consumes about 23 billion liters of liquor where European countries […]