Mitcher’s Toasted Barrel Bourbon


Americans first distiller Mitcher’s, favoured by none other than General George Washington, has long been celebrated for its traditional and uncompromising American whiskeys.

Only offered when at the peak of their maturity, and only then if they make the grade, their limited Edition Toasted Barrel Bourbon has been crafted using select American corn, mashed, fermented and distilled. It is then double barrelled, having its initial spell of aging in American Oak Barrels it is then finished in custom made casks made from wood air dried for 18 months and which is then carefully toasted to avoid the charring that is usually favoured.

It is a copper color, with hues of red, with coffee, wood, leather, berries and burnt caramel aromas all intermingling. Taking a sip the mouth-feel is smooth and creamy, velvety milk chocolate, vanilla, sweet honey and warming ginger which is complemented with a delicate smokiness. At the finish the warmth remains, slightly peppery, with hints of cloves, and oak, which develop into a protracted and lasting sweet caramel memory.